The Best Fixed Annuities in Maryland

Best Fixed Annuities in Maryland

Maryland Annuity Resource is the best place in Maryland to learn about, shop and compare and discover what Fixed Annuities can do for you. Many investors over the years have utilized fixed annuities in their portfolio to help maintain liquidity while achieving a set fixed interest rate that they know will not fluctuate with market conditions. There are many factors to consider while shopping for a fixed annuity and the most important is the term. You have to think about your time horizon and what you think the market will be during your investment period while also trying to forecast what rates will be when your annuity matures. Many investors use fixed annuities in a 3,5,7,10 year laddering strategy while rolling over each fixed annuity to another fixed annuity with a longer term.


Fixed Annuities are great investments but they are not suitable for many as they lack other financial instruments that normally would be part of a portfolio. We see that many of our clients are heavy in stocks and extra heavy in mutual funds. It is their choice as each investor has their own style and own view of the economy and what the market is doing. It is kind of like a religion as a good friend of mine will only invest in real estate. I have told him many times that there are too many outside contributing factors to consider real estate a sound investment. Many clients over the past ten years were house heavy where most of their income was going to pay off an inflated mortgage for an inflated artificial housing market boom. We feel that fixed annuities are simple to understand and simple to open and rollover.

The interest on fixed annuities is not what it used to be and many investors have moved on to other investments. They are on the comeback as many people have realized that with risk comes reward and also sometimes catastrophic losses. We feel that you can never lose with fixed annuities because you get what you pay for. Just recently there was a carrier in Maryland that offered a higher interest rate than other carriers and we as many of our clients jumped on it. After a few weeks, I called and asked about the application and we were told that there was such an overwhelming response to their product offering that underwriting was backlogged. So in essence to the blog post and other stories, investors know a good deal when they see one and we won’t always sell you a product, but we will make sure you know what it is and how it can fit into your portfolio. Take a look at Fixed Annuities and see if they are a fit for you.


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Jack Fleming – Maryland Annuity Broker