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Individual Retirement Accounts



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Virginia IRA Rollovers

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Individual Retirement Accounts for residents living in Virginia.

For more information about Virginia IRA’s, click here.

Virginia IRA’s, Individual Retirement Accounts in Virginia

Virginia Annuity Resource is part of Maryland Annuity Resource and  offers IRA’s (Individual Retirement Account) services for all residents living in Virginia. We believe that an IRA is paramount for any investment portfolio. There are many rules and options like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and Annuities. We only offer the Annuity versions of these plans because our products have the unique quality of locking in interest when credited. These IRA Annuity account values can not go down. They offer tax deferment, safety of principal, safety on principal, and income for life features.

IRAs in Virginia allow you to make tax-deferred investments to provide financial security when you retire.

Assess your financial needs for residents living in Virginia

  • Where am I, financially? The Roadmap to Saving and Investing (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) can help you evaluate your financial situation.
  • What will my Social Security retirement benefit be? Calculate what you can expect as your Social Security retirement benefit.
  • How much will I need when I retire? Use the American Savings Education Council (ASEC)calculator to estimate what you’ll need.
  • The Department of Labor website also has retirement planning information.

Set up your IRA in Virginia

  • What kind of IRA best suits my needs? Traditional IRA or Roth IRA?
  • Traditional vs. Roth IRA comparison chart
  • You can set up an IRA with a:
    • bank or other financial institution
    • life insurance company
    • mutual fund
    • stockbroker

Investing your IRA asset choices in Virginia

Additional IRA Resources

We can help you choose your IRA plan and its underlying investment. We service all of Virginia and can meet in person or over the phone or web chat. What ever you choice is, we want you to understand all of your options if you live in Virginia.

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