Lifetime Income with Fixed Indexed Annuity Income Riders

Create a Lifetime Income stream with Fixed Indexed Annuity Income Riders

Maryland Annuity Resource cannot stress enough that Social Security will not be enough and the 4% withdrawal rule for most financial planners will most likely leave you closer to poverty. When you retire and have a fixed income it does not change, but with Annuity Income Riders the lifetime payment percentage goes up as you age. You see the insurance company that holds your annuity wants to pay you back according to mortality tables and women live longer than men, so think about your wife with this one. When shopping for a Fixed Indexed Annuity, many of these products have income riders that accumulate an income bucket to provide lifetime income. If that is your main goal is to provide income, we suggest to research this option for your Fixed Indexed Annuity. They are all not equal and do come at a cost but we feel Annuities with these riders are a source of retirement income you can never outlive. We look forward to working with you.


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Jack Fleming – Maryland Annuity Broker