I love Annuities and you should too!




Through all of my research and years in the business I have seen many advertisements about Annuities. There is always a Secret! There is always a quick ad that tells you all of the reasons in the world why annuities are bad for you and their products like mutual funds, and ETF’s are better investments. Only you, the investor can decide what investment you want to make. If you wanted to buy a home, you would probably do some research on the neighborhood, look at the school ratings, and maybe even research the local crime reports. You would most likely also hire an expert real estate agent to show you the home. You would also hire a home inspector to inspect the home for hidden things that could cost you an arm and a leg in repair bills. Any other investment is the same. You have to research all aspects of it before entering into a contract.

I always see this ad about a man who hates annuities and he is everywhere. He also wants you to hate annuities and buy his products. I really don’t think he hates annuities but to hate anything is really just way too negative. I don’t really hate anything besides spiders. It’s not the small ones that bother me, well a little. It is the really big ones that make me jump and I can honestly say that I really hate spiders. I know that they are good and they eat the other bad insects but if I see one, it will most likely end up in spider heaven.


The real secret about annuities is that they are good investments when used correctly. Just like the housing market, not all homes and not all loan programs are the best fit for every consumer. You have to research products, determine a time frame for that investment, and seek out the best contract features that meet your wants and needs. As you will find throughout the whole website, there are many types of annuities and I have went into minute detail explaining most every feature so make sure the contract you find has the features you want.

The bottom line is that we love annuities and will continue to love annuities for all of the days we are alive. We know that with the right annuity, that we will receive an income for as long as we are breathing. Then for as long as our spouses are breathing. Then if anything is left, I can pass on a legacy to my loved ones.  Let us know what you think about Annuities and we would love to hear your story.

Jack Fleming – Insurance Broker

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