The Best Fixed Annuities in Maryland

Best Fixed Annuities in Maryland

Maryland Annuity Resource is the best place in Maryland to learn about, shop and compare and discover what Fixed Annuities can do for you. Many investors over the years have utilized fixed annuities in their portfolio to help maintain liquidity while achieving a set fixed interest rate that they know will not fluctuate with market conditions. There are many factors to consider while shopping for a fixed annuity and the most important is the term. You have to think about your time horizon and what you think the market will be during your investment period while also trying to forecast what rates will be when your annuity matures. Many investors use fixed annuities in a 3,5,7,10 year laddering strategy while rolling over each fixed annuity to another fixed annuity with a longer term.


Fixed Annuities are great investments but they are not suitable for many as they lack other financial instruments that normally would be part of a portfolio. We see that many of our clients are heavy in stocks and extra heavy in mutual funds. It is their choice as each investor has their own style and own view of the economy and what the market is doing. It is kind of like a religion as a good friend of mine will only invest in real estate. I have told him many times that there are too many outside contributing factors to consider real estate a sound investment. Many clients over the past ten years were house heavy where most of their income was going to pay off an inflated mortgage for an inflated artificial housing market boom. We feel that fixed annuities are simple to understand and simple to open and rollover.

The interest on fixed annuities is not what it used to be and many investors have moved on to other investments. They are on the comeback as many people have realized that with risk comes reward and also sometimes catastrophic losses. We feel that you can never lose with fixed annuities because you get what you pay for. Just recently there was a carrier in Maryland that offered a higher interest rate than other carriers and we as many of our clients jumped on it. After a few weeks, I called and asked about the application and we were told that there was such an overwhelming response to their product offering that underwriting was backlogged. So in essence to the blog post and other stories, investors know a good deal when they see one and we won’t always sell you a product, but we will make sure you know what it is and how it can fit into your portfolio. Take a look at Fixed Annuities and see if they are a fit for you.


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Jack Fleming – Maryland Annuity Broker

The Best Annuities in Maryland

The Best Annuities in Maryland

Maryland Annuity Resource is the best place in Maryland to learn about, purchase, and discover new ways to use Annuities to achieve your financial freedom. We created this website to allow the masses to discover that just like bank, insurance companies have investment products and they are called Annuities. When you first started saving money, your grandfather told you to put it in a jar and bury it in the backyard. You grandmother told you to put it between the mattress and box springs. Your parents asked you where you got all of that money and told you they would hold it for you. What ever your story is about your first chance to save money. We are here to tell you about Annuities and what they offer you in regards to interest rates and guarantees that are contractually bound.


There are all types of Annuities to fit your life stages and goals, but it is up to you and us to help you discover what an Annuity actually is and how it can help you be disciplined and save money. Annuities are insurance contracts between you and an insurance company, just like a CD is a contract between you and a bank. Instead of a bank, you deposit your money with help from a broker with an insurance company. Annuity issue ages are age 0-80 so even newborns can open annuities with help from their parents or grandparents. Imagine having a baby and going home and already knowing that money that you put aside is working to ensure a college education for that child.

There are many uses and ways to use Annuities to save money and accumulate wealth as well as protect it. Each state that offers annuities have laws that protect annuitants from creditors when it comes to cash value and lifetime payments and dealing with creditors. We are not lawyers, but it you search it, you will find it.

We hope you find our website useful and informative and sets you on your path to saving more money and having your money work for you. Remember that once interest is credited to an account with an Annuity, it cannot go down. Yes that is right, it cannot go down. You have many choices from Fixed Annuities, Fixed Indexed Annuities, Immediate Annuities, and MYGA Annuities for those that really want a guaranteed interest rate. We look forward to working with you and are here for your questions and also to help you on the path to financial freedom and lifetime income.


Thank you


Jack Fleming – Maryland Annuity Broker


Lifetime Income with Fixed Indexed Annuity Income Riders

Create a Lifetime Income stream with Fixed Indexed Annuity Income Riders

Maryland Annuity Resource cannot stress enough that Social Security will not be enough and the 4% withdrawal rule for most financial planners will most likely leave you closer to poverty. When you retire and have a fixed income it does not change, but with Annuity Income Riders the lifetime payment percentage goes up as you age. You see the insurance company that holds your annuity wants to pay you back according to mortality tables and women live longer than men, so think about your wife with this one. When shopping for a Fixed Indexed Annuity, many of these products have income riders that accumulate an income bucket to provide lifetime income. If that is your main goal is to provide income, we suggest to research this option for your Fixed Indexed Annuity. They are all not equal and do come at a cost but we feel Annuities with these riders are a source of retirement income you can never outlive. We look forward to working with you.


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Jack Fleming – Maryland Annuity Broker

Roth IRA and Roth IRA Conversions in Maryland

Roth IRA’s and Roth IRA Conversions for residents living in Maryland

Maryland Annuity Resource help clients and residents living in Maryland with Roth IRA Annuities and Roth IRA Conversions. There are many benefits and rules to follow with a Roth IRA however we feel that ultimately if you want tax free retirement income, a Roth IRA is the way to go. Take a quick look at our Roth IRA Conversion video to see if converting your low balance existing IRA to a ROTH IRA. We can prepare a free report to inform you of the advantages and disadvantages of converting to a Roth IRA. In some instances, starting a new Roth IRA Annuity is an option for many of our clients since they already have high balances in their current accounts. Either way, we want to help you understand all of your options and are here for your questions.



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Jack Fleming – Maryland Annuity Broker

Social Security Optimization Report

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All About Annuities

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Best Retirement Annuity


It was time to do another blog post about what we believe is the best retirement annuity. There are some alarming statistics that are put out every so often that is truly alarming. People are not saving enough, people are not making enough, and there is a general sense that the economy is going to collapse and explode. Dealing with clients everyday and explaining to them that the do not need the best cable package, they do not need the best cell phone, they do not need to go out to dinner 5 to 7 times a month as a reward for working hard. They just don’t get it and will live in poverty when it comes to retirement. I do not want that for anyone.

People just do not get it. Have we all succumbed to the will of advertising and keeping up with the Jones’s? Many of us have not and actually have somewhat of a nest egg that we call our retirement savings. It is a challenge getting to a stage in life where is there is no more debt. By that I mean no debt besides a mortgage payment. Most of us will be paying a mortgage payment until we die. That is the way they want it and many have fallen into the endless cycle of borrow and pay back. If the bank you use is in a nicer area and building than you, what is that telling you. We all need to strive to save more, even if it means sacrificing the wants now for the needs later.

It is all about balance. The balance of time and savings and the power of compounding that annuities offer on principal while protecting you from downside markets. Throughout the whole website there are various types of Annuities and they all serve their unique purposes. Annuities are insurance contracts between you and an insurance company that have contractual guarantees. The last time I read a mutual fund prospectus, there was a whole lot of fine print about risk and potential loss of principal. You can never lose money with Annuities unless you cancel them before the contract. It is that simple.


Fixed Annuities are the most simple. Many people refer to them as CD like investments. CD’s however are bank driven and as part of that are FDIC insured. Fixed Annuities are just like CD’s in that they offer a fixed or set interest rate for a set period of time. They are not FDIC insured because most insurance companies are not banks. There are different nuances to different carriers but the concept is simple. You deposit a determined amount of money with the insurance company for a set period of time. At the end of the period, you will receive your principal and interest in return. Most investors use Fixed Annuities in laddering strategies where there is an impeding rollover of an expiring fixed annuity with a rollover into a longer term fixed annuity. Short term fixed annuities do have a lower yield but that is expected and also expected from short term CD’s as well. The longer the term, the higher interest rate expected with Fixed Annuities.

Fixed Indexed Annuities are exploding as an alternative to an annual 4% distribution of your 401(k) plans. We love Fixed Indexed Annuities because you the investor have so many choices of investment options. First of all, think of this type of annuity as your ultimate retirement annuity. When you are thinking and planning about your retirement, it is usually in your later years where the time horizon is anywhere between 10-14 years. That is where the fixed indexed annuity comes into play. When you deposit your funds with the insurance company you have the option of earning a set return in the fixed account. You also have the option of asset allocation for different index crediting where you can earn a safer return on that allocation of an index performance. When the index performs on the upside, you will not earn the whole upside, but a cap that is predetermined based on the contract that you enter into. Many investors favor these types of annuities because they do have the potential to earn more than fixed annuities. Each year on your anniversary date, you can change your asset allocation and set it and forget it. Any deposits made to the account usually sit in the fixed account until the next anniversary. We often advised our fixed indexed annuity clients to save your money and make the deposit a month prior to your anniversary. Fixed Indexed Annuities also have income riders that provide an income stream that you cannot outlive. There is a tradeoff however. During the accumulation years there is a charge for this income rider and when it comes time to retire, you exchange access to that lump sum for an income stream that will pay you, or your spouse for the rest of their lives. If however there are funds remaining in your account on your passing, beneficiaries would receive any balance but that is part of the contract and carrier you select.

Immediate Annuities are also a simple form of Annuity. Many investors use this type of annuity as a way to spread out a large lump sum to reduce their tax burden. While the most common use is at or close to retirement, many investors would take their whole savings and turn it into an instant pension. When you enter into an immediate annuity contract, you have several choices. These are outlined throughout the website but you can elect to receive income for a set period of time or for life. These types of Annuities are also known as single premium immediate annuities or SPIA’s. We love all types of annuities and their unique differences and their uses for stages in life. Annuities are not bad words or bad investments and have provided income for many many people in their retirement years. You as a prospective or current investor need to read and understand what annuities can actually do for you.

Annuities are investments and contracts between you and an insurance company. I however am an Annuity Broker so when you explain to me what you want, I will try my best to fit your wants and needs to a product and carrier. You will have plenty of time to read, understand, and review your contract. Remember, Annuities have suitability requirements so not everyone who applies is able to purchase an annuity. They have to fit into your investment plan and picture and be a right fit.


Jack Fleming – Insurance Broker

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I love Annuities and you should too!




Through all of my research and years in the business I have seen many advertisements about Annuities. There is always a Secret! There is always a quick ad that tells you all of the reasons in the world why annuities are bad for you and their products like mutual funds, and ETF’s are better investments. Only you, the investor can decide what investment you want to make. If you wanted to buy a home, you would probably do some research on the neighborhood, look at the school ratings, and maybe even research the local crime reports. You would most likely also hire an expert real estate agent to show you the home. You would also hire a home inspector to inspect the home for hidden things that could cost you an arm and a leg in repair bills. Any other investment is the same. You have to research all aspects of it before entering into a contract.

I always see this ad about a man who hates annuities and he is everywhere. He also wants you to hate annuities and buy his products. I really don’t think he hates annuities but to hate anything is really just way too negative. I don’t really hate anything besides spiders. It’s not the small ones that bother me, well a little. It is the really big ones that make me jump and I can honestly say that I really hate spiders. I know that they are good and they eat the other bad insects but if I see one, it will most likely end up in spider heaven.


The real secret about annuities is that they are good investments when used correctly. Just like the housing market, not all homes and not all loan programs are the best fit for every consumer. You have to research products, determine a time frame for that investment, and seek out the best contract features that meet your wants and needs. As you will find throughout the whole website, there are many types of annuities and I have went into minute detail explaining most every feature so make sure the contract you find has the features you want.

The bottom line is that we love annuities and will continue to love annuities for all of the days we are alive. We know that with the right annuity, that we will receive an income for as long as we are breathing. Then for as long as our spouses are breathing. Then if anything is left, I can pass on a legacy to my loved ones.  Let us know what you think about Annuities and we would love to hear your story.

Jack Fleming – Insurance Broker

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Everything I know about Annuities

annuities medium


Well it has taken up 3 months of my life to create Maryland Annuity Resource to transfer everything from my brain to this website. Trust me when I say that there is a whole lot more to find out and discover about Annuities. We hope that you learn something new and discover that the word Annuity is not a bad word. There are many people out there that are making a ton of money talking about what to do with your money, but most of it is pretty good advice but mainly it is just talk. The real people in the world that use their money to make money do not really talk about it. If it was me, I wouldn’t but I truly believe that Annuities are awesome investment products.

I own 3 different types of Annuities and I will continue to invest using Annuities. My first exposure to Annuities and especially Annuity Income was several years ago while conducting a real estate settlement. I met with a lady and a small condo development and after talking a while we started on her loan paperwork. She explained to me that she was close to 78 years old and she felt kind of ashamed to be enrolling into a 30 year mortgage. I told her not to be ashamed because rates were so low, that why not take advantage of the low rates and try to save some money. She also stated that she was retired and on a fixed income and want to spend more money on her grandchildren. That was a good enough reason for me but I was only there as the neutral third party but it made sense.

We were almost done with all of the paperwork and we came upon her loan application. It stated that she was retired but had a substantial income. Far above the loan payment for the new loan as well as her old loan. When I presented this documentation to her for her signature, she told me a 30 minute explanation why her income is so high for her age.  She went on to tell me that her husband which is now deceased invested in Annuities and that is where all of this income is coming from. She said that the older she got, the payment from the Annuity got higher and higher and she was happy about it but really didn’t understand why. She was a charming older lady and I just really enjoyed listening to her stories and being an audience for her to express herself. I have not kept in touch with her but I know she is ok, at least with that much income she should be.


After I left that appointment, my interests were peaked and I began to explore everything I could find about Annuities. When they started, how they worked and was it all really true. I am happy to say that yes it is all true but you have to remember that an Annuity is a contract, and contracts are meant to be read. Not all annuities are the best fit for every situation, but if you take the time to research a product to fit most if not all of your needs, then there is an Annuity in the picture. One thing is for sure and that is Annuities can create lifetime income you cannot outlive.

Jack Fleming – Insurance Broker

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Welcome to Maryland Annuity Resource

Maryland Annuity Resource


We are happy to announce the grand opening of Maryland Annuity Resource. We know that many of our clients have benefitted from Annuities.

This website was designed and created to help educate all people of Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia about Annuities, Retirement options and creating an Income for Life through Insurance product like Annuities. Annuities are not for everyone, however there are many positives to owning an Annuity. Annuities are Insurance products offered by Insurance companies that have many nuances that are at first difficult to understand. You will find that owning an Annuity and reaping the benefits of your product far outweigh the returns you can receive in the market. The best thing, I think about Annuities is when your interest is credited, it is locked in and cannot go down. The market goes up and down. When the market goes up, your gains are locked. When the market goes down, you have an allocation option called the Inverse Performance Trigger. That is an option you can choose at anniversary or at contact opening. The Inverse Performance Trigger is kind of like shorting a stock. If the Index has zero gains, you are guaranteed a set return. If the Index has a negative return, you are guaranteed a set return.

There are many, many choices that you have to choose from. It all depends on your preferences. You have the S&P 500, Nasdaq, Russell 200 to name a few. The best thing about Annuities I think is that they have moderate surrender charges. It almost forces you to keep the account open. Remember this is money that you don’t really need for day to day living and you want to invest in your future. Each state has suitability guidelines you must meet to even be able to invest in an Annuity. The unique thing about Annuities is that they will offer you modest if not great returns based on the contract features that include floor rates and cap rates. Floor rates and the minimum that you can earn in returns. Cap rates are the max you can earn even if the index does better than the cap. There are also participation rates that some products offer. Participation rates are rates that offer potentially higher returns from the index you have allocated. If you choose a participation rate of 50% and the index has a return of 9%. You have just earned 4.5% on the funds you have allocated to that part of your annuity.



There are several types of Annuities and you have to educate yourself on which one best suits your needs. There are Fixed Annuities that offer a fixed rate of return similar to a CD with a bank. These Fixed Annuities offer guarantees from 1 to 10 years depending on the initial investment. These types of Annuities are ideally suited for Laddering strategies.

There are also Fixed Indexed Annuities. These types of Annuities have several options for Index choices as well as a couple of different options for income. First of all, the reason it’s called Fixed- Indexed is because there are two types of accounts inside of one. There is a fixed account that the insurance company will offer a guaranteed rate of return. Funds deposited through the year will usually get deposited into the fixed account until your annual allocation. There is also an Index Account that you allocate where your funds will be invested. Think of this as an account with one big basket with two little baskets inside of it. That is the best way I can explain it. Sometimes the insurance company will offer bonuses on premium for as long as 7 years. That means that any funds deposited into the account will receive a bonus. Some of these bonus annuities have lower cap rates so please look at all of your options.

The Fixed Indexed Annuities also have an Income feature. This feature is called an Income Rider. Some companies call it a Guaranteed Income Withdrawal Rider. A rider is an attachment to the original contact. The rider has a cost and offers anywhere between 5.5% for life to 6.5% for 10 years. Some Insurance companies have different options but what this means is that you agree to keep the annuity for a certain contract period in an in return you will receive income for a specified period of time, or even for life. Most contracts have a spousal continuance feature which means that if you elect to receive income from the Annuity, and you expire, your spouse will continue to receive the income for life. If there are any funds left in the account after both husband and wife expire, then the proceeds are distributed to the beneficiaries.

The last type of Annuity that we offer are Immediate Annuities. Immediate Annuities are offered by Insurance companies as a way to create a pension. Once funds are deposited with a Insurance company, the immediate annuity will pay  a determined amount back to the annuitant each month, each year until the death of the annuitant. These Immediate Annuities can pay benefits for Life, Life with installment refund, Life with cash refund, or Certain. There are many options for all of these types of Annuities so please read all literature and examine the contracts closely to ensure that you know and fully understand each contract. We love Annuities and what they can provide for people. Income for life these days almost seems to good to be true but it is a reality that we help customers each day.

We hope you like our website and spread the word about it. We are open, honest and very transparent about what we do, what we offer, and how you get to where you need to be. That was a great first post and many more to come. If you have a specific question about your annuity, please feel free to call us or email so we can help you be clear on your financial decisions.

Jack Fleming – Insurance Broker

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